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Our Story

Caga brings beautifully crafted shoes to you. Made with extreme care and the finest quality leather, these shoes are designed to create a unique experience to our customers.  Our team of artisans at Caga has decades of experience and know shoes better than anyone else. We draw on the spirit of the formal, classic look and the adventure seeker to deliver durability, comfort, style and flexible footwear for men.

We yearn for shoes that look and feel the way we want, but it remains an unfinished dream.  Either we fail to find the right shoe, or they are priced way too high. Our staff traveled far and wide and spoke to a lot of people. We wanted to understand how you want your shoes made. The design, style, weight and of course, the price.  We understood that luxury brands are overpriced due to a lot of middle men and additional factors. We eliminated these and presented your recommendations to our skilled workers. Our artisans spent hours and days and came up with shoes that you asked for! Styled, designed and priced by you! Simplified shipping. Great Quality. No additional costs. Shoes that are delivered from our artisans to your door step. 

One of the unique features at Caga is the time spent on crafting each shoe. While others make similar claims, we are the only ones who devote hours to precise detailing and customizing the look of your shoes.  The level of craftsmanship is reflected on the quality of shoes we produce. Be it the suave gentleman look of the oxfords, or the relaxed, trendy looks of the loafers, we create the best shoes, with unmatchable quality and great comfort to back it up. When you combine these features with a stylish design, this is the most complete pair of shoes you can ever get.

Attention to detail is a quality that comes naturally to our artisans. Our veteran team always believes in hands on involvement in the making of the shoes, and this attention to the very minute details results in the creation of stylish and timeless designs. We only use leathers that breathe and hold their shape over time. With the advantage of possessing an ability to identify only the best leathers, our team finds it simpler to produce the best quality of shoes. 

We combined years of experience with technological advancements in creating timeless designs, with a great deal of focus on providing comfort to our customers. A major concern with a lot of dress shoes is that they get uncomfortable after a few hours. Our team of skilled workers did some due diligence and in conjunction with technology, came up with an advanced cushioning system in the insoles. This alongside the breathable linings ensured an unmatched comfort in all our shoes, for longer periods of time. The shoes come with a durable and high density outsole, specifically designed to absorb shock and provide ultimate comfort to your foot. These shoes are then hand finished before they are dispatched to Quality Control, for a final inspection.
Our Quality Control team inspects the finished products to the smallest detail to ensure all our shoes are adherent to the quality processes. In addition to conducting a series of inspections on the shoes, Quality control also makes sure the leather holds its shape over time. We take our quality control very seriously, and only the best of the finished products are available for our customers. The result is a timeless classic, alongside unmatched style and the best design!