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About Us


CAGA Shoes was born out of a passion to create high-quality products that combine fashion and active life style.  Based in New Jersey, this family owned business comes with generations of experience. We are widely recognized for the quality of our products. We draw on the spirit of the formal, classic look and the adventure seeker to deliver durability, comfort, style and versatility for men and women. Our mission is to create timeless, classic and stylish products and deliver them to you. With a combination of technology and environmental friendly materials, we continue to explore new horizons and create new styles, driven by a passion for product innovation.  


With years of experience, we set to work creating styles that adhere smoothly to the body and yet provide a sense of freedom. Our collections are beautifully simple in their effectiveness and function, and aesthetically astonishing in the design. We are committed to creating iconic leather goods, using the best materials, craftsmanship and design. We use the highest quality materials and combine this with extraordinary craftsmanship to create just the right look and feel.  Adapting to modern challenges, CAGA has perfected the art of making shoes with decades of development and innovation. With style, performance and sophistication, we promise to take you wherever you go!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, 08054

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Email- sales@cagashoes.com