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Unbeatable Quality At Affordable Rates

Posted by Jason Steven on

The finest leather always adds a touch of elegance to any shoe and also gives it a level of natural breathability. At Caga, it all starts with our extraordinary leathers and craftsmanship. We only use the best available leathers. A lot of our customers wonder how we offer only the best quality and yet, our products are priced reasonably? We do things differently from the “big brands”.  Here is a brief overview of our efforts to keep prices intact and not compromise on quality.

Family owned and managed- Our team comes with generations of experience. While others make similar claims, we are the only ones who devote hours to precise detailing and customizing the look of your shoes.  The level of craftsmanship is reflected on the quality of shoes we produce. With the advantage of possessing an ability to identify only the best leathers, our team finds it simpler to produce the best quality of shoes.  Attention to detail is a quality that comes naturally to our artisans. Our veteran team always believes in hands on involvement in the making of the shoes, and this attention to the very minute details results in the creation of stylish and timeless designs.

Quality Checks- Only the best leave our factories

We combined years of experience with technological advancements in creating stylish designs, with a great deal of focus on providing comfort to our customers. Our shoes are hand finished before they are dispatched to Quality Control, for a final inspection. Our quality control team inspects the finished products to the smallest detail to ensure all our shoes are adherent to the quality processes. In addition to conducting a series of inspections on the shoes, quality control also makes sure the leather holds its shape over time. We take our quality control very seriously, and only the best of the finished products are available for our customers. Yes, it is time consuming and a lot of effort. But, the end result is the perfectly crafted pair!

Men's Traditional Oxford Semi Brogue at Caga Shoe Store

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Unique Shades-

We handpick our leathers and then craft our shoes in our factories, using the best materials, craftsmanship and design. While this attention to every detail results in unparalleled quality, it also gives us an opportunity to produce unique shades in our shoes. At Caga, we always strive to raise the bar, when it comes to customer satisfaction. What sets us apart is our understanding of our customers’ needs. We are not just “another brand” who manufactures the same shades in different sizes, in large quantities. Our team is constantly working on creating new designs, styled to perfection and with unique shades.

cap toe semi brogue

Shop Now at Caga SHoes Online Store for Men Shoes

Marketing and Photographs –

Unlike a lot of other shoe brands, we do not spend a ton of money on big marketing campaigns. A lot of “brands” tend to invest a lot of money in advertising and marketing, and ultimately pass on a chunk of that to the customer, by selling the shoes at a higher price. We also do not pay high profile camera men and models astronomical amounts for pictures and fancy creatives on our website. We firmly believe that our customers will spread the word, as the shoes and the quality speak for themselves!

Online Presence-

We do not have any brick and mortar stores in the US. Although we would love to serve our customers in store, we are able to offer the most affordable prices as we are an online store and do not have to pass on any overheads to our customers. 

At Caga, we always keep the prices affordable, and provide the best quality! Made with extreme care and the finest quality leather, these shoes are designed to create a unique experience to our customers.  We draw on the spirit of the formal, classic look and the adventure seeker to deliver durability, comfort, style and flexible footwear for men. Sleek and elegant, these are the most complete pair of shoes you can get.


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