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Oxfords, How Essential Are They For Men?

Posted by Jason Steven on

The most important section, by default, in a man’s closet, is the Shoe Section! And there, in that shoe section, sparkling with glitters of gold and brightest rays like that of the sun, are Oxford Shoes! Well, cutting off the exaggeration, we can rightly accept the fact that Oxford Shoes hold a special place in the heart, life and the closet of a man.

Oxford Shoes for men form the most classic and stylish kind of shoe variety. This variety goes effortlessly and simply perfect with a wedding attire or a conference outfit or simply your formal office wears. And yes, excellently well with a mismatch!

Men Oxford Shoes are the typical must-haves in a man’s outfit of the day. Explore reasons to know why Oxford Shoes get all the importance as compared to any other shoe variety. They are as follows:

  • Men Oxford Shoes
  • The rare combination of ‘Style' and ‘Class'

  • While it is seldom possible to stay classy and manage style without goofing up or getting uncomfortable, Oxford shoes are wholesome providers of this combination. That being said, these shoes also bring in utmost comfort. The subtle, plain look of Oxford shoes along with lace-ups and a separate tongue attached to the vamp gives these shoes a different and classic look.

    Shoes as such, have enough potential to radiate the boss in you!

  • Two different types

  • It is a misnomer if you believe that Oxford shoes are best suited with formals or other office attires. The fact that they have two different types serves as enough proof that they are deeply rooted with versatility.

    The first type is the “Dress Style”, also known as Balmoras. Whereas, the second type is the “Casual Style”, also known as Saddle Shoes.

    So you see, they rule the formal world as well as the casual world. Thus, a pair of Oxford Shoes is the perfect fit in your closet.

  • Another diverse variety

  • Plain Oxfords: Simple and subtle, appears just like a Boss! The toe tongue is absent here and goes perfectly well for formal occasions and smart outfits.

    Seamless Oxfords: An excellent choice if you’re looking for a regular wear which is also classy and stylish. They are all wrinkled up until they take the shape of your foot. Fit perfectly well when worn as if they were just made for your feet!

    Caga Shoes stocks up Oxford Shoes that range right from the plain, basic ones to the shoes that know nothing other than slaying! Stroll along, take your pick!


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