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Comfortable Dress Shoes?

Posted by Jason Steven on

Nasty blisters developing on your feet midway through your commute is never a good thing. One common complaint we hear from a lot of customers about dress shoes is lack of comfort. It almost feels like your feet are killing you. The problem is that the dress shoes from a lot of ‘big’ brands look great, but are stuck in the past, in reality. Most of these shoes actually come with archaic construction, paying very little heed to modern day demands. Yes, some brands still use wood and nail construction. We at CAGA were able to use the latest technology to design shoes that last longer and give superior comfort and stability. With technological advancements, our artisans at CAGA create timeless designs using the most cutting edge technology available. Our shoes are still hand finished, to provide that unmatched feel; however, utilizing the advanced technology helps give the best comfort available.

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What sets us apart?

The weight or the lack of weight of the shoes- Our dress shoes are lighter than most brands offer. You don’t feel like carrying a pair of dead weights on your feet, all day long. The materials we use are high quality material, and our artisans spend countless hours to churn these designs to ensure that the shoes feel good, look awesome and are light in weight!

Materials- With a combination of technology and environmental friendly materials, we continue to explore new horizons and create new styles, driven by a passion for product innovation. Our veteran team always believes in hands on involvement in the making of the shoes, and this attention to the very minute details results in the creation of stylish and timeless designs. With the advantage of possessing an ability to identify only the best leathers, our team finds it simpler to produce the best quality of shoes.


  • Precisely Crafted
  • Durable Outsole
  • Cushioned for Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Easy Care and Protection


Comfort over time- We combined years of experience with technological advancements in creating timeless designs, with a great deal of focus on providing comfort to our customers. A major concern with a lot of dress shoes is that they get uncomfortable after a few hours. Our team of skilled workers did some due diligence and in conjunction with technology, came up with an advanced cushioning system in the insoles. This alongside the breathable linings ensured an unmatched comfort in all our shoes, for longer periods of time. The shoes come with a durable and high density outsole, specifically designed to absorb shock and provide ultimate comfort to your foot. The shoes come with the superior structure and arch support to keep you light and fast on your feet!

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